tiistai 2. huhtikuuta 2013



Hi! This time I did a video blog entry. But since my English pronouncication would probably just sound hilarious, I did it only in Finnish. First, I must wish you all a happy Easter! It's a bit late for that though.

My Easter weekend went pretty much like the usual by spending time with friends. And I got a new sweater (can be seen on the video. I didn't take a separate picture of it, sorry) from one of my friends who didn't want to wear it any more.
Last week I also randomly bought a slimy weird glowing rabbit thing. I had to get it because it was so funny, weird and kind of ugly. x3 I'd be very interested in using some glowing accessories in a cyber-themed outfit if I had a chance.

Next con for me will be Desucon in the beginning of summer. My current plans for it are to wear Eva-Beatrice again and make Nezumi from No 6. ready. I've had that costume incomplete for ages.
*_* I've been hooked to Ace Attorney again like I thought I would.

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